Soltronix Portable Solar Panels

Posted on 05/24/2019 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen


June 18-20th outdoor companies and enthusiasts from all over the world converge in Denver, Colorado for the Outdoor Retailer Show (OR).


OR is one of the nation’s largest show dedicated to outdoor brands and their innovative products.


At this year’s show, we are featuring our Soltronix line of portable solar panels.


Soltronix solar panels combine high-efficiency solar cells, custom semi-flexible panel designs and proprietary PowerBoost charge controllers to deliver as much power as possible to your application.


We bring over 200 combined staff-years of experience in innovative solar design, engineering, and assembly of custom products across multiple technologies to our Soltronix line of products.


If you are looking for an off-the-shelf product to support your outdoor power needs, we offer 24W, 45W and 100W solar panels that will help you get the job done.


Are you looking for something more custom?


We are committed to collaborating with you to design, engineer and assemble the best crystalline solar solution for your application.


We took all our custom knowledge working with amorphous silicon and applied it to semi-flexible crystalline solar panels.


Below are the steps we take designing your solution and the materials involved:


Step 1


We source the highest-efficiency and highest quality cells directly from SunPower for a trustworthy source of remote power.


Step 2


Together, we customize your solution to meet your power and footprint requirements and ensure you have the best solution for your needs.


Step 3


We apply proprietary encapsulation to your panel depending on your operating environment. We promise to provide the best weather and UV protection, impact and scratch resistance of any panel on the market.


Step 4


We offer a series of Soltronix PowerBoost charge controllers that incorporate high-efficiency DC-DC converters and a proprietary power-point tracking system to optimize the power collected from the solar panel and delivered to a battery or direct load.


Step 5


You have a custom solar solution designed to last and a partner to help you every step of the way.


Why is the PowerBoost Charge Controller important?


The PowerBoost series of charge controllers incorporate high-efficiency DC-DC converters and a proprietary power point tracking system to optimize the power collected from the solar panel and efficiently charge a battery. Our charge controllers are specifically designed for use with solar and match both panel output voltage and battery input voltage. Additionally, PowerBoost controllers will not overcharge and reduce the life of the battery, a common problem with off-the-shelf three-stage charge controllers.


Why does encapsulation matter?


The encapsulation stack used in the Soltronix panels offers protection from hot, humid environments, icing, water immersion and saltwater spray. Additionally, the encapsulation stack has been engineered to withstand ½” hail with no degradation in panel performance.


Are you interested in leveraging custom solar design in your next outdoor product?


We are ready to help you design a sustainable solution that your customers will love.


Are you going to be at OR this year? We would love to see you!


Stop by our booth (42117-UL) and see us or contact us and let’s get started today.



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