PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel: Keep Your Golf Car Batteries Healthy

Posted on 02/08/2019 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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The Golf Industry Show was in San Diego California this week and included exhibitors from all over the world showcasing their new technology, methods and solutions.


One fixture of a modern golf course is the golf car. There have been new takes on golf cars or the concept of hauling one’s clubs but the tried and true golf car has outlasted them all.


Golf cars allow players to finish rounds more quickly, course owners to turnover more rounds per day and are just downright fun to drive!


These cars were once almost always gas powered, but that has changed steadily over the years. Electric cars are far less noisy than their gas-powered counterparts and are more environmentally conscious.


At this year's show, PowerFilm showcased the PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel offering a US manufactured method to improving electric cars by maximizing their battery's lifetime, extending driving range and helping the environment in an even more meaningful way.


Conversations with interested individuals and dealers focused on the core value propositions of the PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel.


Extended Battery Life


A PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel generates and feeds electricity into the batteries constantly*, even in low-light, therefore less power is required to charge the batteries each night, saving 20% or more in yearly electrical costs and increased battery lifetime. PowerFilm’s study shows the number of charge cycles was increased by more than 50%.


Increased Driving Range


Our testing has shown that the power produced by a PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel, on a typical sunny day, is enough to increase driving range by as much as 50%. This also represents a savings of 25% of the average electricity used in one day. Added distance equals fewer dropped rounds on the course (or additional range for a utility vehicle in and around “campus”) and less time spent dealing with the hassle of under-performing cars. In addition, 25% more drive time means extra driving for individuals residing in golf course communities, neighborhoods, and retirement communities. For commercial fleets and maintenance vehicles, PowerDrive Solar Panels will get you through the workday every day.


165W PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel on a black golf cart


Environmental Advantages


The PowerDrive Solar Panel creates, on average, enough electricity per year to offset over 250 pounds of carbon dioxide production (calculation determined by US EPA website using 110kWh of power produced by the PowerDrive Solar Panel in one year). Planting two trees today would take 10 years of growth to remove that amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.


Lightweight System


The PowerDrive Solar Panel is the lightest solar solution on the market today, weighing in at less than 5 pounds. Competing solar technologies are large, clunky systems often described as heavy, bulky, and unmanageable.


Not only must great care be taken during installation, but rigid panels can be easily damaged during transit and install. Due to the flexible nature of the solar material, PowerDrive panels can easily endure the rigors of course life. The occasional summer hail storm, stray golf ball, or low hanging branch pose no danger to the military grade PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel.


Easy Installation


The PowerDrive panel installs quickly, with no special tools, and looks great. Simple to follow instructions (each step being clearly described with helpful diagrams) ensure frustration-free installation. Other systems require completely replacing the canopy, we think it’s smarter to use the canopy you already have.


Whether you are a golf course superintendent, a golf car owner, dealer or resident of a golf car friendly community, PowerDrive can help you!


Are you interested in learning more about the PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel and how it can help you maximize your golf car’s value?

Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.


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