PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel: The Numbers

Posted on 10/28/2016 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

PowerDrive Solar Panel The Numbers Title Graphic

Golf is a game obsessed with questions of numbers and statistics.


"How do I beat "old man par."


"How do I achieve a respectable handicap."


"How can I shoot a lower score than I did yesterday." 


"How do I eliminate those pesky three-putts."


"How much is too much to spend on a new driver?"


We understand that in golf, the proof is in the statistics.


To improve, you have to change the numbers.


Have you ever thought about your golf car's numbers? Have you thought about how long the battery will last? What is the environmental impact of driving it? How to protect your investment for years to come? We have.


2 years


The length of time that a PowerDrive Solar Panel can add to the

life of a golf car's battery. 


250 lbs 


The amount of carbon dioxide that a PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel offsets each year of use.


30 minutes


The time it takes to equip your electric golf car with PowerDrive and improve battery health for years to come.


10 lbs


PowerDrive panels install easily without needing special tools or an electrician.


34 years


We've been perfecting solar solutions for over 30 years. Our solar material is flexible, adaptable and incredibly reliable.


18 holes


The amount of time you have to prove your skill on the course. We understand your passion and want to keep you on the course longer!


The most important golf shot is the next one.


- Ben Hogan


What will yours be?


At the end of the day, the numbers don't lie.


PowerFilm has always been proud to test every product thoroughly before leaving the facility. The PowerDrive Solar Panel is no different.


We put this panel through the paces to ensure it will deliver significant environmental and cost-saving advantages to golfers and golf courses everywhere.


Interested in learning more about the PowerDrive Solar panel? Contact us.