Leveling The Playing Field

Posted on 01/29/2016 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen


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Solar Panels. Photosensitive diodes shoot electrons into a tizzy creating electricity. Massive arrays of glass-covered behemoths baking in the California sun. An accurate picture but not the only one. These stereotypical panels are impressively heavy and imposing but are far from the only option in today's ever-growing solar market. Other solar panel technologies exist that cater to varying power need applications.


Solar power is a unique market, filled with misconceptions, inaccuracies, and multiple players. Industry testing is done in controlled lab conditions that do not reflect real-world output. These measurements have a massive impact on consumers and the choices they make. Amorphous silicon becomes the best option for many needs when you strip away unrealistic estimates and consider all the variables.


Conventional crystalline panels are ideal for larger installations, but amorphous silicon deserves a second look and serious consideration. Amorphous panels are comprised of many layers of thin-film deposited in a vacuum and eventually finish as incredibly thin and lightweight panels that transfer solar energy into batteries. The price per watt of amorphous panels can be pretty alarming,  but thin-film solar panels are a viable option when factoring in installation, portability, and real-world output.


PowerFilm's amorphous silicon panels are more than simply portable, flexible, and lightweight. They perform well in the shade and can be punished while working reliably and efficiently.


In this mobile world, who's going to help power remote regions of the world? Who will charge a climber's electronics as he ascends a towering mountain? What technology will outlast the elements and continue to perform daily in sunlight and shade? Amorphous silicon thin-film technology can keep you connected by harnessing the horizon to power your world.


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