PowerFilm Extreme Durability Test

Posted on 08/12/2016 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

PowerFilm Extreme Durability Test Title Graphic


If you're like me, you take care of your technology. I have purchased cases, screen protectors, and other safety measures to ensure that my devices continue to work for as long as possible.


While it is important to take care of things, do you ever feel like putting something to the ultimate test? I do. "Let's see what kind of damage this thing can take and still function," I say to myself. When I think of extreme tests, a video of a person throwing a phone in an OtterBox case off a 10 story building comes to mind. Is this a logical test? Absolutely not. Is it cool? For sure!


With this in mind, we felt it was time to put one of our panels to a similar test. We decided to set it up at a shooting range and (you guessed it) shot it. Is there a more destructive test than shooting holes in something? We don't think so. 


How did the panel perform? Did it stand up to incredible abuse? Take a look at the video below!



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