Solar Solutions For Transportation Refrigeration Units

Posted on 03/04/2022 at 01:48 by Kelly Junge


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The transportation industry is all about efficiency. Transportation logistics are challenging, but the load is lighter if you have the right tools. 


Did you know that:


A solar panel solution for a trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) reduces jump-start service calls, premature battery replacements, and TRU diesel fuel usage. (One customer study showed a 0.09 gallons/hour savings measured using a differential flow meter on the diesel supply and return lines for their TRUs. They compared diesel usage by TRUs with and without solar over a million-gallon study).


Watch our Transportation Solar Solutions Explainer Video and learn more about the transportation industry's problems and solar solutions.



The custom panel below mounts directly to the leading edge of the reefer, as shown below. This eliminates common concerns of trailer-mounted solutions, including clearance and trailer cleaning issues.


If you have Carrier Vector reefers, reach out to your local Carrier dealer and ask about their TRU-Mount Solar Charging System. 


delta carrier solar panel

Carrier Transicold Launches New Solar Power System for Trailer Refrigeration…


If you have ThermoKing Precedent reefers, we offer a custom 24W solar panel that fits between the fans of the Precedent TRU (Contact us for more information on this solution).


The panel is easily attached to the metal frame of the TRU with four self-tapping screws. 


This model also works for older ThermoKing units, but you may need rubber feet between the panel and metal frame to avoid height obstructions. 


As you can see below, this design allows access to the radiator cap without removing the solar panel (a common problem with other solar solutions for this reefer). 


This solution also eliminates common concerns of trailer-mounted solutions, including clearance and trailer cleaning issues.


thermoking trailer refrigeration unit with solar panel drawing


Both of these reefer solutions reduce your need for electrical maintenance, and now you can measure your real-world diesel savings, helping calculate your ROI. 


Navigating refrigerated transportation logistics can be daunting. We are here to help.


If you want to get in front of unplanned downtime and increase the efficiency of your fleet, we would love to work with you. 

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