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Posted on 11/08/2019 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen


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The Internet of Things (IoT) industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. 


It’s picking up pace. 


More devices than ever before are simplifying our everyday life, tracking cargo, assisting in logistics, and providing indispensable benefits to companies and consumers everywhere. 


Last year we published a series of posts on how all industries could benefit from IoT in general and our IoT power solutions specifically.


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The first post focused on commercial IoT and the role that unconventional power sources play in powering this sector. 

“Often unconventional energy sources are hiding in plain sight. Vibrations in vehicles from the road and engine, radio signals from cell towers and WiFi routers, even body heat from your skin can provide enough energy to run low power electronics. Whether indoors or outdoors, light is an abundant energy source that can be used to power a wide variety of applications, large and small.


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The second post took a look at IoT solutions for consumers with a focus on convenience.


“Consumers want devices and systems that are easy to use and dependable. The best consumer IoT solutions are those that people can set up and forget about. Batteries are easy to use and will work, but eventually, they will stop working. Then what?


When batteries die, the consumer has two options; replace batteries or toss the device. Both options are a headache. “Where’s my screwdriver?” “What type of batteries do I need?” “Now I need to run to the store.” “Do they still sell my device?” “Will a different device work with my system?” Finally, the dreaded, “I think I need to call customer support.” 


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The final post in this three-part series focused on the value that IoT can play in an industrial setting where preventative maintenance is crucial.


“Like commercial businesses, companies in the industrial space are also driven by cost-saving. Although they can benefit from building automation and asset management systems just like commercial businesses, the most significant cost savings for industrial companies come through preventative maintenance and monitoring.


Fixing equipment before a breakdown is much cheaper than after. Breakdowns can also halt production lines, leading to further financial losses. Knowing when equipment is about to breakdown is a vital piece of information.”


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As we’ve learned, IoT solutions apply to all industries. 


While these solutions continue to grow, so will their need to be powered at scale in a way that reduces longterm cost and maintenance.


PowerFilm’s Indoor Solar Panels are an ideal power source for this ever-growing industry. 


With Solar Development Kits that utilize our indoor solar material, open-source software, and a custom circuit board, designing a solar-powered IoT solution has never been this simple.


Are you interested in learning more about the IoT power solutions we offer and how we can help simplify the design process? 


Contact us today! 


We look forward to working with you.


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