Sensors Expo Recap

Posted on 07/05/2019 at 12:00 by Samuel Jones

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Miss the show? 


Don’t worry, here’s a summary of the highlights for you. 


For the second year in a row, PowerFilm exhibited at the expo and delivered a technical presentation on solar energy harvesting. 


We also used the show as a platform to launch our newest product, the Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE (DEV-BLE-NS). 


This kit makes it incredibly simple to design and prototype a Nordic-based BLE solution that runs on indoor light. 


At the booth, several demos showed off the high performance of our indoor solar material and custom capabilities. One demo remained operational even while being fully submerged in water. 


Our eye-catching displays attracted lots of traffic and started many great conversations on how solar harvesting can be used in the growing IoT and sensing industries.  


During his presentation, R&D Engineer Sam Jones talked about how anyone can start prototyping and experimenting with solar energy harvesting once you get the right tools. 


He discussed what types of sensors and wireless devices can be powered to run on indoor light. 


The presentation summarizes how to start prototyping into three simple steps. 


  1. Identify a device to power with solar energy harvesting.

  2. Identify the tools needed (Development Kits).

  3. Assemble, deploy, and prove your concept.


For details on this process and to learn just how simple a solar solution can be, watch the full webinar below. 



Interested in learning more about our different Development Kits and how they can help you jumpstart your product design?


Check them out here. 


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