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Posted on 06/07/2019 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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In just a few weeks representatives from PowerFilm will be exhibiting at the Sensors Expo. During the show, Electrical Engineer, Sam Jones, will be delivering a presentation entitled, "Real World Energy Harvesting: Rapid Prototyping with Solar" Wednesday, June 27 at 11 AM in Executive Ballroom B.


The show, located in San Jose, California, provides the opportunity to connect with other manufacturers and product designers in the sensors world and to demonstrate the viability of our Solar Development Kits and their ability to power sensors, transmitters, and other IoT systems.


Whether indoors or outdoors, light is an abundant energy source that can be used to power a wide variety of applications including the wireless sensors and devices of the emerging IoT industry.


PowerFilm Indoor Solar Panels are inherently more sensitive than traditional solar technologies in low light and indoor settings.


Currently, we offer two development kits designed to make experimenting with indoor solar simple.


The Solar Development Kit is a total power management solution that can be used to directly power external electronics. With energy harvesting, battery charging, and output regulation, it bridges the gap between solar and electronics.


The Solar Development Kit with TI BLE combines the functionality of the Indoor Solar Development Kit adding wireless protocol BLE for transmitting sensors data.


At the Sensors Expo, we will be debuting our newest addition, the Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE enabling users to use Nordic Development tools.


Presentation Preview


Sam Jones’ presentation will show just how easy energy harvesting can be once you have the right tools.


During the session, Sam will demonstrate powering modern electronics and IoT devices with indoor solar.


Key real-world considerations will be presented, followed by a discussion of realistic power expectations.


Energy harvesting enables the connected world of the future to be smart AND sustainable.


Key takeaways


Energy harvesting has a stigma of being complicated and impractical. Attendees with minimal prior knowledge will learn that anyone can quickly prototype, experiment, and implement energy harvesting in their projects.


Attendees will gain a basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of energy harvesting.


They will leave with realistic expectations of what types of electronics and which real-world environments are best suited for energy harvesting.


Attendees will see a wide variety of electronics powered through indoor light-harvesting, sparking creativity and leaving themselves asking, "What can I power through energy harvesting?"


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