Solar Powered Asset Tracking

Posted on 11/06/2018 at 12:00 by Samuel Jones


Solar Powered Asset Tracking Title Graphic

In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, businesses are looking for any way possible to get more out of less.


Modern technology gives businesses the tools they need to make smart, data-driven decisions which can boost efficiency and save money.


Asset tracking is one example of how technology is changing the way businesses operate in many different industries.


The actual electronic devices that make up these systems are often very low power consumption, making them compatible with indoor and outdoor solar energy harvesting.


Companies with large inventories can use passive RFID tags to track parts or products. Fixed or mobile scanners can communicate with these tags from a short distance and forward the data on to the cloud. These systems make management easier and increase inventory accuracy.


In one case, implementing an RFID tracking system generated a positive ROI in less than 12 months and reduced inaccuracies of 10%-15% down to 0.5%.


In indoor settings, PowerFilm’s Indoor Light Series panels can enhance active RFID tag systems, allowing products to be scanned from greater distances and reducing the need for intricate antenna setups.


Asset tracking is especially important in the transportation, shipping, and service industries where the cellular network and GPS can be used to monitor geolocation in real time. Tracking data can be used to optimize delivery routes and prevent assets from being lost.


Additionally, vehicle and equipment health can be monitored for preventative maintenance purposes.


Traditionally, asset tracking devices run on batteries which allow the systems to remain remote and portable. The only problem with batteries is that they will eventually die and need to be recharged or replaced.


The good news is that in most environments there is enough ambient light energy present to maintain batteries and keep them charged via solar.


Cellular and GPS based asset trackers which update a couple of times per day consume less than 1Whr of energy daily. In an outdoor environment, even a small solar panel could supplement this power draw, extending battery lifetime and reliability.


PowerFilm’s unique thin-film technology is extremely durable, shade tolerant, and lightweight, making it an ideal solution for the harsh outdoor environments seen by asset tracking devices.


With ready to go and custom solar charging solutions, PowerFilm is perfectly positioned to power the growing asset tracking industry with solar.


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