Top 5 Solar Questions

Posted on 12/01/2017 at 12:00 by Daniel Stieler Phd

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Solar can be confusing.


At PowerFilm Solar we believe that education and clarity are both vitally important.


There are different technologies. Each with various benefits, drawbacks, prices and qualities.


We seek to make a sometimes misunderstood technology more approachable.


We are starting a series called “The Top 5 Solar Questions”.


In this series of posts we address the most prevalent questions that we get on a daily basis.


Expect the first question in two weeks but first we need your help.


We want to gather all your questions and address them over this series.


The Top 5 we have identified are already are:


What does solar cell efficiency mean?


How can you determine voltage and current of a solar module?


How does a power supply differ from a solar panel?


It looks bright, why doesn’t my panel produce more power?


When do I need a charge controller to charge a battery with a solar panel?     


Do you have questions regarding our solar material or solar technology in general?


Please reach out!


We would love to help you, and others, learn more about the power of solar technology and how to best understand and harness it.


Contact us or leave a comment below.


We look forward to reading your submissions and covering this topics over the coming months!



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