Owning The Process

Posted on 08/25/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen


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What does it mean to truly own something?


To control the ins and outs of a process until you are almost one with it?


To ensure things fit, perform and make sense?


To understand something deeper and more meaningfully than anyone else in the world?


We are passionate about our products and especially our process.


Combining product design, engineering and manufacturing under the same roof in the United States provides many advantages, including speed to market, quality control and service after the sale.


This is what we call owning the process.


We don’t own a portion of the proverbial pie and deliver on other companies’ promises, we bake the delicious dessert with the highest quality ingredients from scratch.


Learn more about our manufacturing process in the video above.


When we are approached with a new idea seeking to integrate our solar material, we don’t send out email after email and phone call after phone call finding existing products and then putting the final pieces together here.


We own the process.


This allows PowerFilm to remain agile in creating innovative energy solutions for businesses, military markets and consumers everywhere. We deliver an exact match to your needs and requirements every time and in less time than our competitors.


In the same vein, quality control is far more stringent and trustworthy when you see a product from its infancy to its release.


We pioneered the proprietary manufacturing process and testing procedures that allow us to increase quality, reduce waste and ultimately provide better material for end products.


The testing procedure varies from product to product, but all PowerFilm panels will undergo 3-4 tests during their time in our facility, and we promise you are getting the highest quality thin film solar material every time.


On top of delivery speed to market, intense testing and unsurpassed quality, we stand behind our products and are here to help should you ever have an issue.


When you reach out, we respond. When you send an email, we reply. When you have a question, we will answer or find you someone who can.


With access to incredibly talented engineers, a product development team with an eye for innovation and a co-founder with an office down the hall, your questions, suggestions and concerns are addressed quickly and in detail.


The next time you want to take a product to market, find the best solution or learn the massive benefits solar power can afford you, think about a company dedicated to constantly refining and scrutinizing its existing ways of doing things.


Think about a company that owns the process.


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