Conquering The Missouri

Posted on 07/28/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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You've set your mind on something. You are bound and determined. You are unwilling to accept anything less than success. Do these descriptors fit you? Do you deserve their praise? If you're Clinton Johnson you do. 


Clinton Johnson is a paddle sports athlete who is an ambassador for many companies but to stop there would be a crime. Clinton Johnson also served his country in the United State Marines for four years, overcame a childhood of meager means and has parlayed his past for a thriving paddle sports business in the Florida Keys.


Clinton has faced obstacles, challenges and his determination has helped him arrive where he is today. 


Clinton Johnson paddleboarding on rough waters

Clinton's next trip will require all of the physical and mental assets he can muster as he plans to stand up paddle board the entire Missouri river. Many of us can't even imagine paddling for a few hours let alone a few months!


When you really get down to it, Clinton isn't doing this just for himself, he's doing it for his brother's and sisters in the military who are having trouble assimilating back into civilian life. He's doing this for the kid who has so much pent up anger and no idea where to point his passions. He's doing this for anyone who feels lost and alone. 


After his expedition Clinton wants to start a program taking former servicemen and women, troubled youth and others in search of something on the water to learn that they are capable of so much more than they think. 


Clinton Johnson paddleboarding

Clinton has traveled thousands of miles on the water but his trip to conquer the Missouri will be different. It will be interactive. While many are adamant that they want to completely "detach" from society and officially cut the cord, Clinton wants to share his journey with us all. In order to document his travels and log his experiences power will be crucial. 


Factoring in that his journey will take place exclusively on the water, PowerFilm's rollable line of solar panels (100% water proof) are tailor made for such a trip. 


Weight will be a major concern and being able to generate over 100 watts at less than 10 lbs allows Clinton to carry more provisions and focus on other pieces of gear. 


Clinton Johnson carrying a paddleboard

While on his journey his board will be his world and everything on it serves a purpose. PowerFilm's rollable solar panels allow him the ability to journey fearlessly, document endlessly and inspire others to get out there and make a difference.


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Clinton and learning more about him, his determination and what this trip means. Listen below.


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