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Posted on 07/14/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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We are proud to help supply portable power and enhance people's lives.


If you missed these posts, you'll want to read about the incredible things people are doing with PowerFilm Solar.


Wolf Paragliding


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Do you ever want to jump off a cliff or do something crazy? Something that gets your adrenaline pumping and makes you feel alive. 


We can all relate to this (why do you think theme parks exist).


While humans seem like innate adrenaline junkies, many wouldn't even consider what Geoff of Wolf Paragliding lives for. 


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Traci-Lynn Martin


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Have you ever felt incredibly tired? I don't mean, "I didn't sleep well last night." tired. I mean the kind of exhaustion that makes your bones ache. 


Many of us will never experience this kind of incredible strain. This kind of "deep exhaustion" is what competitive kayaker Traci Lynn Martin is up against every day in her attempt to break the world record for most miles paddled in a single calendar year. 


Traci is approaching 1,500 miles and has many, many more to go. Learn more about her attempt below. 


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Paul Arden

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I met Paul Arden several months ago. I got to know him better as we chatted while he was on an expansive Malaysian waterway. Paul is not only an avid outdoorsman, but he is also an expert fly fisherman and is always looking for the next rare species to snag. 


Paul couldn't end his chase because of ill-performing batteries, so he came to PowerFilm. We developed a solution, and now he can continue doing what he loves and forget about the power! 


To learn more about Paul, his passions and how PowerFilm is helping him do what he loves more effectively, click the link below. 


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Filippo Blengini


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Filippo Blengini set out to capture one of his all-time favorite vistas and set the World Record for the largest panoramic photo ever taken. 


Learn more about Filippo's incredible photograph of this majestic mountain and how PowerFilm made it all possible by clicking the link below.


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Expedition Ikivuq


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Have you ever looked at an ocean and thought, "How far does that water stretch?"


Have you ever been near a river and desperately wanted to find a vessel and explore its waters?


These feelings of exploring the unknown are what Expedition Ikivuq is all about. This group of six recently departed to explore an uncharted waterway in the extreme north of Quebec. 


Click the link below to learn more about their journey to this unknown place. 


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