Expedition Ikivuq: Come Aboard

Posted on 06/30/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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Have you ever stared at a body of water and thought about its immensity?


Its power.


Its grandeur.


What we often fail to think about is that there was a time when these mighty oceans, lakes and rivers lay still, silent and undiscovered.


Before man ventured out and charted a course, these bodies of water sat.




In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine any waterways haven’t been charted.


Think again.


That is the task before the French Canadian group, Expedition Ikuviq (an Inuit term roughly translates to, “Come aboard, jump with us”).


Expedition Ikuviq will take on the challenge of navigating and mapping uncharted waters in the extreme north of Quebec, departing July 7th.


Expedition Ikivuq team members paddling a canoe in rough water

(Photo: François Léger-Savard)


This group’s name isn’t just a series of empty words; they truly value and believe in the shared value of their expeditions.


One of the group's many missions, as noted on its website, is:


"To share our daily expedition experiences in order to convince young people of the satisfactions of outdoor life and of an active lifestyle."


Expedition Ikivuq team by the water as the sun sets

(Photo: François Léger-Savard)


The group will record the journey and create a full-length documentary cataloging their efforts.


As you might imagine, taking on a large project in a remote area takes a lot of power.


After consulting with the group and discovering what products would best fit their needs, it was determined that the group required portable power that was lightweight, durable and could stand up to the elements, especially water.


They needed panels that would work in less-than-ideal conditions and keep them fully powered and connected.


Expedition Ikuviq will use PowerFilm’s rollable line of panels to keep communication lines open and cameras rolling.


They can now focus on what truly matters.


They can document, discover and describe these never-before charted waters.


I had the pleasure of speaking in-depth with a member of the expedition’s team, Ariel Desjardins Charbonneau, to learn more about the team, their needs and why they do what they do.


You can find the full interview linked below.



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