Mont Blanc: To Capture A Mountain

Posted on 05/11/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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What does it mean to take a picture?


To freeze frame a moment in time?


To look at the world differently? 


To frame a space in a way never seen before?


To capture a moment that will change not only your perspective but that of those who view it? 


No matter your definition, you will appreciate Filippo Blengini and his incredible feat of the one-time Guinness World Record's largest high-definition panoramic photograph.


Filippo Blengini smiling in front of a mountain

(Pictured: Filippo Blengini)


Guess what? Filippo isn't a professional photographer!


He is simply a man with great admiration for this mountain range and a background in engineering. 


Just how big is the photo that Filippo captured? 


Printing the image in standard 300 dpi resolution would cover an entire soccer field!


The photo is comprised of thousands and thousands of overlapping photos stitched together to create the most beautiful mountain vistas. 


Potentially more incredible than the size of the image is the storage space it took to house all of these portions of Mont Blanc.


The image's file size totals over 46 terabytes. You read that correctly 46!


Filippo Blengini's camera trained on Mont Blanc


Taking thousands of photos, storing huge files and constantly running a computer to monitor the camera, among other things, takes an exceptional amount of power.


From the outset, Filippo knew he would need a durable, lightweight power source that could be easily carried and deployed atop this mountain. 


PowerFilm's line of foldable solar panels was the perfect solution for Filippo's power needs and helped make this majestic photo a reality.


Foldable Solar Panel deployed on the snow on Mont Blanc


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Filippo and learning more about this incredible photograph and all that went into its execution (Interview below)


While Filippo no longer holds the record for the largest high-definition panoramic photo, he is keen on taking it back.  


To learn more about the photo and experience a wonderful interactive viewer of his incredible photo, visit his website:



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