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Posted on 04/13/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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Have you ever wanted to leave hectic city life behind?


To not have your cell phone attached to your hip and be stuck in a cubicle day after day?


Many of us have these thoughts, feelings and dreams. Few ever act on them.


Justin and Ariele Champion did. 


They listened to the call of the open road and gladly responded with a passion for adventure and a love for the great outdoors  


Both Justin and his wife Ariele have backgrounds in marketing and were enjoying successful careers when they got the itch to simplify and live a quasi-nomadic lifestyle, retrofitting a truck into a DIY truck camper.


Not only would they live a simple and mobile lifestyle, but they would also document their story!


Out of this idea came Wild We Wander, Justin and Ariele's website,,  which is dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live an alternative lifestyle.


To fully implement this dramatic lifestyle change, the two simplified down to what they valued most and what would be most functional in their new smaller living space. 


Justin is currently a successful HubSpot Academy Professor (he's fantastic, you should take his course on content marketing if you get the chance) and wanted to be able to continue his job duties while living a mobile lifestyle.


To accomplish this, the two needed access to power no matter where they might be. Solar was the obvious choice.


PowerFilm provided Justin and Ariele with rollable and foldable solar panels ranging from 20-60 watts and a LightSaver Portable Solar Charger.


The couple has access to lightweight, portable power that helps keep their laptops, mobile phones and other devices charged up and ready to go while no longer being tied to the grid. 


Unlike conventional crystalline, PowerFilm solar panels aren't heavy, fragile or difficult to manage. Our foldable and rollable panels are incredibly light, easy to use, and stow for convenient storage.


We might not be able to unhitch ourselves from humdrum day-to-day life and hit the road like Justin and Ariele, but you can access lightweight, portable power wherever you need it with PowerFilm's flexible solar panels. 


You can listen to my full interview with Justin and Ariele below and learn more about their adventures!



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