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Posted on 03/03/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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What it would take to uproot your life for nearly a year.


To leave the comfort of your home.


The familiarity of your job.


To say goodbye to loved ones. 


To brave the unrelenting waters of the Great Lakes and beyond. 


You have to wrestle with the questions. Is the sacrifice worth it. Why do it?


That's exactly what I asked Traci Lynn Martin in an interview with the competitive kayaker.


Traci is about to embark on a world record attempt to paddle the most continuous miles. If successful, she will have paddled 8,600 miles and beyond in less than a calendar year. 


Traci is relatively new to competitive kayaking but quickly found herself enraptured by it and everything it offers. 


It fulfilled her need to compete. It allowed her solace and peace out on the calm morning waters. It was hers. And she was good at it!


What began as a trip to traverse all the waterways with State's names morphed into a tour of all the Great Lakes and finally a daring attempt to break a Guinness World Record. 


On March 9th, her bucket list attempt begins. With danger at every turn, power is not only a nice thing to have, but it will also prove to be vital if she is to succeed. 


Traci needs to document 15 minutes of each day of her attempt, keep her iPad powered to connect with loved ones, keep her spirits high, and keep her cell phone (which she is using for navigation) powered up at all times.


Traci's needs proved unique and, quite frankly, unlike anything we have ever done. The saltwater and time exposed to harsh waters provided a challenge, but when she came to us, we felt confident we could tackle this intensely custom solution. We set out to create a truly waterproof and durable panel that would stand up to the rigor of her long journey.


We created a lightweight solution that will add little bulk and give her the power she desperately needs. At different legs of her journey, Traci will be truly alone on the open waters, and power could prove the difference between safety and catastrophe.


Traci will depart on March 9th, starting at Port Huron at Lake Huron. You can learn more about her efforts at:


I've linked an interview I had the pleasure of conducting with Traci below. It's truly incredible to hear her resolve and determination. There is no doubt in her mind that she will accomplish this feat. 


I believe her, and you will too.



Listen to her incredible story.


We look forward to keeping you apprised as she tackles this world record one day at a time.


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