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Posted on 01/27/2017 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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People from all over the world are doing incredible things with our solar panels.


"In the field" is the beginning of a five part series highlighting some of the unique and incredible applications of our solar solutions. 


With the freedom to have access to lightweight, portable power wherever they might be, users are free to explore fearlessly and do some pretty incredible things. 

Traci Lynn Martin


Traci is a competitive kayaker who found her calling to the water later in life and is seizing the day and trying to break the world record for most miles paddled continuously. 


In order to achieve her goal, and break the Guinness World Record, Traci will be on the water for over 250 days, circling the five Great Lakes, battling the elements, pushing herself both mentally and physically.


Traci's passion and drive to accomplish this feat is truly inspiring. PowerFilm can't wait to supply her with a custom solar solution helping keep her connected to her loved ones, powering navigation equipment and ensuring her safety.


To learn more about her upcoming trip visit:


Ian Mangiardi


Ian Mangiardi calls southern California home but grew up in the urban sprawl of New York City. Finding serenity and the ability to "reset" and refocus in nature, Ian took to hiking to experience all the beauty this world has to offer. 


During his initial foray into thru-hiking he was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of perfect strangers along the trails. 


Ian was so moved that he sought to give back alongside his friend ... and created the Dusty Camel, a non profit hikers guide to help remove the fear and intimidation that many feel when thinking about a trek of significant distance. 


Since it's inception, The Dusty Camel has helped countless hikers get on the trails and accomplish their goals. 


Ian wants all Dusty Camel readers to remember that while gear reviews, tips and advice are the organization's aim, that each person's journey is unique and truly original. 


PowerFilm is honored to help The Dusty Camel and make the great outdoors a little less daunting. 


Ian, alongside his hiking partner, will be hiking the Arizona Trail in the upcoming weeks and documenting their journey. PowerFilm is excited to provide them with LightSaver portable solar chargers to help power this expedition. 


To learn more about The Dusty Camel and how you can get involved visit:


Christian Cudnik (K0STH)

Christian Cudnik has an extensive background in radio but recently became interested in ham radios and what goes on behind the scenes to make technology work. He quickly learned there was a lot he didn't know and relied on other ham radio enthusiasts to show him the ropes.


Christian decided to give back to the community he benefited from and now hosts a weekly podcast called 100 Watts & a Wire. This podcast helps people get their start in ham radio operation and is comprised of beginners, seasoned veterans and everywhere in between. PowerFilm is proud to sponsor 100 Watts & a Wire and their mission to make ham radio operation more accessible.


To learn more visit:


Wolf Paragliding
Do you ever have the urge to climb a mountain and jump off?


Paragliders do!


If you haven't heard of this extreme sport you are in for a treat. 


When you carry your escape plan on your back things can get heavy. With that in mind, weight is crucial. Equally as important is power. Many paragliders document their journeys using GoPro cameras and other devices. 

Wolf Paragliding trusts PowerFilm's lightweight solar technology to get power when and where needed. 


For more information, visit their Facebook page.


Look for in depth posts on each of these applications in the coming weeks. 


Do you have a PowerFilm solar panel? How do you use it to help power your adventures? Connect with us on social and tell us more about it!





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