What Do You Think?

Posted on 11/11/2016 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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Nobody likes someone who talks about themselves all the time. We all have that friend who steers the conversation towards himself/herself regardless of the direction it is heading.


There’s something about people that are self-absorbed that drives people crazy.


We know you’re sick of it. So are we.


What do you think?


This a question that many businesses rarely ask but a vitally important one.


At the end of the day, the proof is “in the pudding,” as they say.


Whether we like it or not, what others think of us will many times be a better and more accurate metric than what we think of ourselves.


You are incredibly important to us.


Did you know that?


Your needs are vitally important.


Without you, we wouldn't be able to create custom power solutions that help people everywhere.


With this in mind, we dive into a few customer reviews, what made these folks happy, and finally, how we can partner together to solve your power needs as well.


Mary B. is a park ranger from Alaska who needed a portable power solution to keep her electronics charged in the field.

“My husband and I returned from a remote region in Alaska yesterday afternoon after 39 days in the backcountry. Your PowerFilm product was a superstar and outperformed the Goal Zero solar panel. We had a stretch of 10 days in a row of rain, and our Yeti charger was completely depleted. The PowerFilm solar panel was able to grab whatever tiny bits of light made it through the heavy cloud cover every day, and give enough power to the Yeti -- albeit sometimes only 20%, but we were thrilled to have anything! --  that we could recharge the electronics essential for our work. The Goal Zero panel needed full or nearly full sun to generate power. I knew your solar panel wasn't waterproof, so we didn't leave it out in the pouring rain, but it did get drizzled on often; which is standard Alaska weather! This level of moisture did not seem to affect the performance of or damage the panel."


Mary needed a lightweight and portable solution to help her, and her husband stay connected for nearly 40 days. She found that the PowerFilm line of foldable chargers was perfect and that amorphous silicon technology is far superior at charging even in less-than-ideal conditions.


Nate is a survivalist and prepper with his own established network of fellow preppers and has interacted with and reviewed many solar products.


"PowerFilm panels are ideal for bug-out bags and other outdoor activities due to their being exceptionally portable, lightweight, durable and efficient. Their flexibility makes for a variety of possibilities in terms of how they can be set up, throw it on a tent, hang it from a tree, backpack, or just roll it out in the ground. Most monocrystalline panels I've seen are too heavy to be thrown over shelter setups like tents, or too awkward or inefficient in variable light conditions to be effectively mounted to a backpack when mobile. PowerFilm quality is second to none and supports American workers."


Nate needed lightweight solutions that are easy to stow and deploy at a moment's notice. PowerFilm product's size, durability and dependability were the perfect fit for his highly mobile needs.


Jeff gives Grand Canyon wilderness tours and learned the hard way how important power can be in remote areas. Determined to find a solution, Jeff started to research durable solar panels that could keep his battery topped off.


“How do you keep a 16 day Grand Canyon Wilderness river trip adventure powered up?


At first, it seemed like an easy problem to solve, just bring a motorcycle sized battery and attach a USB charger to the battery. Then you're good to go right?


Well, we found out the hard way that didn't cut it when 7 days into a 16-day trip the battery was drained from recharging Bluetooth speakers, cameras and phones.


Determined to not make that mistake again we went in search of a solution. What we found were lots of products that seemed to fit the bill. That is until we looked into things a little deeper, it seemed that most of the products we found were not waterproof and would not stand up to the extreme environment. The products we found that were waterproof had glass in them, thus making them unsuitable for the river environment. We wanted to find a product that we did not need to baby. Something we could leave out the whole trip without worrying about it. We were looking for a solar panel that we could attach to the top of a dry box. This meant it would be wet all the time, covered in sand and mud much of the time. It would need to be unbreakable as we would be walking on it all day long on the raft.


Just when we were about to give up we stumbled onto the folks at PowerFilm. Julia (PowerFilm Director of Distributor Relations) said she had just the thing we needed suggesting the Power Pier 14W kit. Needless to say, I was more than skeptical it would not hold up to the extreme environment at the bottom of the Grand canyon. But to my surprise, it held up great and kept the whole trip powered up for 16 days. There was no visible wear on the panel after walking on it for the whole trip. The panel performed just as good at the end of the trip as it did on the first day. The Power Pier 14W kept 16 people powered up for 16 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon."


Jeff settled on PowerFilm because durability was crucial, and PowerFilm panels could take a beating and continue to function as if they were new out of the box. 


Neal Smith, a golf car dealer in Illinois, was searching for a way to make his existing golf cars more environmentally friendly and efficient.


“I chose PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels for a few reasons. The solar panels add very little additional weight to the car. Secondly, they perform better in a wider range of lighting conditions helping produce power even when it isn’t perfectly sunny out. A huge benefit for use is  the durability of the product. Amorphous silicon thin film isn’t damaged by golf balls, tree limbs, hail stones or anything like that. PowerDrive extends the run times of our cars, keeps batteries healthier delaying replacement.”


PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels were the perfect solution for Neal because they are durable, lightweight and easy to install. The panels will keep his cars on the course longer and the batteries healthier.


So, What do you think?


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