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Posted on 09/22/2016 at 02:58 by Seth Hansen

In Case You Missed Them Title Graphic


You're busy. We understand and wanted to take this opportunity to show you a snapshot of some of our best blog posts, providing you with relevant information about PowerFilm and solar in general. 


If you have a question, concern, or suggestion, be sure to send them my way, and we will take care of you.


Enjoy the stroll down The Horizon Blog's memory lane, and have a great day!​​


Leveling The Playing Field Title Graphic


"Solar Panels. Photosensitive diodes that shoot electrons into a tizzy creating electricity. Massive arrays of glass covered behemoths baking in the California sun. An accurate picture but not the only one. These stereotypical panels are impressively heavy and imposing but are far from the only option in today's ever-growing solar market."

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Solar Simulators Do They Pass The Test Title Graphic


"The issue is that typical customers simply can't give a fair evaluation of a solar panel in the same way they would if they'd purchased another product. If they buy a tape measure, they can easily compare it to other tape measures and quickly know whether the manufacturer is producing a quality product."


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LightSaver Helps Supply Drinking Water​​ Title Graphic


"Clean drinking water. Have you ever thought about access to drinkable water?

The issues in Flint, Michigan, have brought this topic to the forefront in many ways but rarely, if ever, do we ponder it. Water is something citizens of the United States often take for granted.

The Outreach Program, a non-profit that primarily provides meals and more for those in need, has made it a part of their mission to bring clean water to those most in need."


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Solar Power and The US Military Title Graphic


"Today we catch up with our very own Wes White, Director of PowerFilm’s Government Business Development Department with special emphasis on Military Sales, and explore how solar can help keep our servicemen and women safer while they defend our freedoms."


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Powering The IoT Boom Title Graphic


"Cities will “run themselves,” assets are tracked seamlessly, and efficiency skyrockets. Sounding like something out of a science fiction novel only a short while ago, this level of connectedness and integration of systems is the new reality. The lion share of this automation is due to the dramatic rise in Internet of Things (IoT) research and development. While there seem to be as many definitions as people espousing them, IoT is not a new concept."


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PowerFilm Extreme Durability Test Title Graphic


"While it is important to take care of things, do you ever feel like putting something to the ultimate test? I do. "Let's see what kind of damage this thing can take and still function," I say to myself. When I think of extreme tests, a video of a person throwing a phone in an OtterBox case off a 10 story building comes to mind. Is this a logical test? Absolutely not. Is it cool? For sure!"


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LightSaver Max Thousands of Hours Title Graphic


"Pulling out your cell phone. Starting up your computer. Watching television.

These are tasks that we take for granted. Rarely, if ever, do we think about anything other than sending a text, playing a game, or watching our favorite shows.

When it comes to technology, many times, we focus so completely on the special devices that companies release and forget that there are incredible people who have poured their souls into the products they create."


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