Which LightSaver Is Right For You?

Posted on 07/29/2016 at 12:00 by Seth Hansen

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The long-awaited LightSaver Max is finally available on Indiegogo. The Max represents the culmination of the LightSaver line as a whole in filling every mobile power need.


When it comes to the world of portable chargers, how do you know that you're getting the product that’s right for you?


We’ve simplified the process.


Below are some examples of use cases with each product to help you decide which would be right for your specific power needs.


Don't forget to check out our LightSaver Max campaign page on Indiegogo and consider backing this revolutionary product.


The LightSaver Max


LightSaver Max deployed on an orange colored rock


We need your help to bring the LightSaver Max to life! This unit is a serious sized solar charger, featuring an 18,000mAh battery to provide power for trekking or other outdoor activity. The Max can charge cell phones, and other USB charged electronics as well as laptops and even camping lighting. The Max rolls to stow compactly in your backpack or bag and deploys easily for rapid solar charging of the battery pack.


Perfect for: Someone who is away from outlets for a day, the weekend, or an extended period of time. The Max is ideal for powering your family's next camping trip, a mobile businessperson, and anyone else in need of robust portable power. Learn more about the LightSaver Max.


The LightSaver


man charging his phone with a LightSaver while laying in the grass


The LightSaver's integrated solar panel and lithium battery (3,200mAh) give you reliable power, and the product can be easily stowed in a bag or backpack. The product can be easily deployed on a backpack, bike rack, or other surfaces. The LightSaver charges rapidly enough in the sun to provide meaningful portable power for your cell phone, camera, or other USB charged electronics.


Perfect for: Someone who is an active cell phone user and needs portable power to keep conducting business, sending emails, answering phone calls, playing games, or streaming media. The LightSaver will charge an iPhone 6 or other similar smartphones (depending on battery capacity) 1 1/2 times freeing users from outlets. Learn more about the LightSaver.


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