Low Light Indoor Solar Power

Posted on 03/02/2016 at 08:00 by Seth Hansen

Low-Light Indoor Solar Power Title Graphic

What if solar panels worked indoors?


Crazy talk, right? Not necessarily.


Advances in amorphous silicon solar technology have made this seemingly impossible task possible.


Many people rightly think of the sun when they think of solar.


However, like so many other things, solar is changing.


You no longer need the sun to produce solar power (learn more about the differences between indoor and outdoor solar).


PowerFilm's Indoor Light Series solar panels can transfer light from fluorescent bulbs into usable energy.


Currently, and in the future, offices will need more innovative systems that can operate in low and variable light to collect as much energy as possible.


Thin-film solar panels have characteristics that make them ideal for use in a full range of lighting situations, including extreme low-light conditions.


With the proper engineering, these panels can respond and function exceptionally well in these sometimes tricky environments. This optimum performance comes from choosing the right photovoltaic module, electronics, and storage medium (start experimenting with our solar development kits).


Amorphous silicon thin-film technology has inherent high impedance giving it excellent low-light performance, making it a good match for many indoor applications.


The paper-thin profile allows easy mounting on surfaces and devices, while its manufacturing versatility allows custom module design.


No longer confined to outdoor solar, businesses and consumers can start saving energy they never knew they were losing.


Want to learn more about indoor solar technology?


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